Fractional CIO Services
Access seasoned technology expertise without hiring a full-time CIO.
  • Enterprise infrastructure and application integration
  • IT strategy and infrastructure auditing
  • Inter-department and Global systems integration
  • Internet application strategy, development, deployment, and integration
  • Cloud, Virtualization, and SaaS strategy
  • Sales Engineering and Vendor Management

"Not every company can justify hiring a full-time CIO, but almost every business needs the wisdom of an experienced technology professional. I have made a career of understanding business needs and matching technical solutions appropriate to the business type, size, and vision. Businesses with multiple locations, custom applications and processes, or rapid growth have unique needs, and I have the experience to identify those needs and tailor approriate solutions." Craig Adams, Founder, Continuo

"I met Craig when we both worked as peers for the same company. Eventually he ended up reporting to me so I've had the opportunity to observe Craig from multiple perspectives, as peer, as manager, and in the years since, as a trusted friend and occasional adviser. He clearly understands the ways that technology can add value to a business, and how to extract that value. I’d love to work with Craig again, and recommend him as an excellent outsourced CIO solution." Michael Lundberg, President, Viewpoint

Continuo has provided Virtual CIO and Business Systems Design Services to Small and Medium sized businesses since 1982.

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Some companies I have worked with:
20 years IT Management, Board of Directors
Granite Seed and Erosion Control
20 years IT Management, applications and systems architecture, M&A support
Brite-Lite Lighting and Electrical Distributors
18 years IT Management: inventory and accounting systems design/build/manage, hardware and networks management
4 years Green field project: "PhotoMax"; Order processing, manufacturing and fulfillment process design and deployment
4 years Software Application Design/Build
Shopping Nanny
1 year Web Startup Technology Management: organize and manage virtual technical team from concept to launch; system design, deployment, and management
Jacob's Cove
1 year Web deployment management; delivery process design; back-office systems design and deployment
Original Web Applications:
Approval Hub
Instant digital signatures and agreements
Two Roofs
Communication and scheduling tools for separated families
Novel Book Ratings
Community managed book ratings for content