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Chris Maynard


"Not every company can justify hiring a full-time CIO or COO, but almost every business needs the wisdom of an experienced technology professional. We have made a business of understanding your needs and matching technical solutions appropriate to your business type, size, and vision.

Businesses with proprietary processes or rapid growth have unique needs, and we have the experience to understand those needs and tailor approriate solutions."


Craig Adams


Since our beginnings in 1982 we have provided expert technology and services as part of the team. Forget about consultants who provide a "hands off" approach with no accountability. We sit at the table and we deliver. That is why our clients count on us year after year.

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Tap into the experience of seasoned executives at a fraction of the cost.

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Leverage a network that spans industries and continents.


Enjoy the power of an organization with business, development, and technology teams that understand each other and pull in the same direction.

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Otto Silva


"Craig is to this date one of my favorite CIOs. He had the vision and know-how to get things done in a timely manner. During our 1st 6 months as a start-up he worked with hardware and software vendors who helped us shape the technology stack of a great software offering. He is the type of manager who empowers his team by guiding them in the right direction and then help them succeed through proper management. Craig can solve any technical challenge that is ever presented to him. He is a magnificent systems architect but above all he is a terrific individual who values friendship and long lasting business relationships."

Michael Lundberg


"I've had the opportunity to observe Craig from multiple perspectives, as peer, as manager, and in the years since, as a trusted friend and occasional adviser. He clearly understands the ways that technology can add value to a business, and how to extract that value. I’d love to work with Craig again, and recommend him as an excellent outsourced CIO solution."

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"In a time of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists."
Eric Hoffer

Freelancers: Questions you should ask when considering an outsourced executive

Posted March 2015

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During the middle ages there were three types of fighting men: Knights, foot soldiers, and archers. Carefully armored, a single knight could plow through multiple foot soldiers and archers. A knight was either born to the position or had to prove himself with exceptional valor in combat...

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Can a company thrive when technology talent is so hard to find?

Posted June 2015

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I have recently had the opportunity to present to groups of CEOs about their technology challenges. Invariably the discussion turns to the challenge of obtaining good technology talent. It is really hard to find qualified talent! Many job openings hang out there unfilled for many months. "What can we do if we can't fill our technology positions?"...

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